Send us your scrap in the supplied envelope, receive your valuation in just a few days. You’ll get immediate payment, or your scrap returned. It’s as Simple as that.

Advanced Evaluation Techniques

XRF technologies are non-destructive methods to determine the composition of solid materials. The technology measures the fluorescent X-rays emitted by each element. Every element has a unique signature that identifies its existence within mixed materials. With 99% accuracy, XRF techniques ensure you receive payment for every micron of metal.

Free and Fair Transparent Valuations

Any metal refinery can promise the best price for your dental scrap. Few can supply the documentation to support that valuation. Our analysis is free and transparent. We document the breakdown of metals and provide our pricing, so you know exactly how much your scrap is worth.

Lightning Fast Flexible Payments

Once you approve our valuation, we initiate a digital payment. Funds are usually available within 24 to 48 hours, depending on your country's financial system. Our payment processing is as transparent as our valuation.

No Obligation

Sending your dental scrap doesn't obligate you to accept our valuation. If you do not accept our offer, we will return your scrap free of charge. That's how sure we are that our process is simply the best.

Free and Fast, Insured Postage Worldwide

Customers use prepaid packaging to send their dental scrap for valuation. Each package is insured to protect against financial loss should the scrap be mishandled in transit. Once the package is ready, return it to us without charge, following the instructions in the shipping kit.

Happy, Friendly, Trustworthy Team

Simple Refining has many years of experience in refining and recycling dental scrap metals. As a family-owned business, we have earned the trust of our customers through dependable and friendly service.

Some of the metal we work with


Gold has an atomic number of 79, and its symbol is Au. Gold does not rust and if neglected, can still be restored beautifully. Its durability and malleability make it the perfect metal for jewellery as well as dental crowns.


Palladium has an atomic number of 46, and its symbol is Pd. Its primary use is in catalytic converters, although it is used in dental fillings and crowns. Given its limited availability, refining palladium is the best method to ensure its sustainability.


Platinum has an atomic number of 78 and its symbol is Pt. It is slightly less durable than palladium, but like palladium, it does not corrode. Platinum is more malleable, making it the preferred metal for jewellery and some dental restorative products.


We help businesses just
like yours


Dental practices often see dental scrap as an added expense rather than added revenue. Disposing of dental waste takes time away from more productive tasks unless dentists consider refining their dental scrap. The percentage of precious metals in crowns or bridges can add revenue, especially when the price for gold, palladium, or platinum can exceed $1,000 per troy ounce.

Medical Institutions

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have disposal requirements for a range of wastes. Compared to the volume of catheters or x-ray film, dental scrap may not seem worth the effort. Many institutions are more focused on highly regulated items. With our fine-tuned process, it only takes seconds to fill a package and send it off. It's another way that the healthcare industry can participate in recycling while gaining revenue.

Clinical Waste Companies

Companies collecting waste from multiple facilities can turn dental scrap into added income. Depending on the number and size of facilities, clinical waste companies can realize higher valuations by consolidating dental waste. With our simple shipping process, companies can improve profitability while providing a waste management service.

Simple Refining is a family-owned business that believes in community.

Through our participation in community events and charitable donations, we work to improve the lives of people and the environment.

For customers who want to join us, we can donate your earnings to a charity of your choice.