What We Do

Refining dental scrap isn’t a glamorous business. We accept dental waste containing metal from anywhere in the world. It’s our job to separate the metal from the scrap so the precious metals can be recycled. Melted metals are assayed, which is a process to identify the types of metal present and in what amounts. Once separated, the metals can be recycled, reducing the amount of precious metal that is mined.

People are involved in every step of the process. Whether it is assembling shipping kits or processing scrap, people make our business. For many customers, we are a voice on the phone or a signature on an email. Although our team may never meet a customer in person, every member works to deliver the best in customer service.

How We Do It

Our system is designed to minimize the time it takes an organization to dispose of dental waste without compromising health standards. Contact us by phone or through our website to request a shipping kit. Once the kit arrives, transfer the dental scrap from its container to the shipping packaging. Seal the package and return it using the enclosing shipping documentation. We will take it from there.

Once we have determined a value for the dental scrap, we will send you a quote with documentation about the types and percentages of precious metals in your scrap. You simply accept or decline the valuation. Our team is available to answer questions, but no one is going to call you or show up at the office to pressure you into a sale.
The best customer service is the kind that lets you do what you want when you want. It doesn’t add pressure to the hectic life of healthcare, and that’s our goal.

Why We Do It

Our family has been committed to the refinement business for years. We have watched as the assaying process has become more sophisticated as technology advanced. We’ve seen how dentistry has improved its ability to minimize the impact of wear and tear on teeth.

Throughout the years, we have remained focused on the people behind the process. Our team is considered family. Our customers are viewed as friends. It doesn’t matter whether they are around the corner or across the world; they are part of our belief in environmental and social responsibility.

Our technology-driven process enables us to extract precious metals that can be recycled to reduce the need for additional mining. Our social responsibility extends to donating 10% of our profits to charity. We also allow our customers to donate their earnings to a charity of their choice. It's our belief that together we can make a better planet.