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Should You Sell Your Scrap for Cash?

Anyone stopping by your dental facilities to purchase dental scrap is probably a middleman. Their objective is to purchase your dental scrap for as little as possible and resell it at a much higher price. They may only pay for gold, although scrap can contain palladium and platinum. You may think it is worth the revenue loss for the convenience; however, dental scrap refiners will make an accurate assessment and pay you for all the metal in your dental scrap.

What Is XRF Technology?

X-Ray Fluorescence technology or XRF is a non-destructive method to determine the composition of solid materials. It is often used in mining and exploration to identify the elements present in a sample. When materials are x-rayed, they emit a secondary or fluorescent x-ray. The secondary emissions vary based on the metal in the sample, with each element having a distinct pattern.

From the XRF reading, a qualified refiner can determine the type and amount of metal in the consignment with 99% accuracy. This analysis ensures that the seller receives a fair price for the metal in the scrap. Refiners should have a report that identifies the metals and the percentage present in the sample.

What Is Dental Scrap?

Dental scrap refers to the material left after a dentist’s intervention. The material may include crowns, bridges, inlays, or onlays. Many of these items contain precious metals that can be extracted and refined for recycling.

Why Should I Refine Dental Scrap?

Refining dental scrap provides dental facilities with additional revenue. By selling their dental scrap to refiners, dentists can be paid for the precious metal content in their scrap. Dentists can also help the environment by reducing the amount of mining that must be performed when recycled gold, palladium, or platinum are used. With more emphasis being placed on the environmental responsibility of businesses, sending dental scrap illustrates a commitment to ESG concerns.

I Don’t Run a Business, But I Have a Bit of Dental Scrap. Can You Help Me?

Single pieces of dental scrap may still hold valuable metal. While we don’t offer our full refining services for individuals with single pieces or small collections of dental scrap, you can send it in and have the proceeds donated to charity. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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What Does Melt and Assay Mean?

The most accurate way to determine the metal contained in a solid item is to have it assayed, which requires that the items be melted at extremely high temperatures. Unlike XRF technology, assaying is destructive. Once the consignment is melted, it can no longer be returned to its original state. The liquid metals form a bar that is x-rayed (assayed) to determine the type and amount of metals present. With melt and assay, consignments cannot be re-evaluated.