Our commitment to environmental and social responsibility is reflected in the donation of 10% of our profits to charity.

We also invite our customers to participate by donating all or some of their earnings to a charity of their choice. Just let us know how much to donate and to what charity. Once the valuation is approved, we will ensure that the designated amount is forwarded to the identified charity.

Simple Refining supports charities such as Save the Children to improve the health and education of children. The company also supports the Rotary Club initiatives to develop self-sustaining communities worldwide. Both charities provide much-needed resources to underdeveloped and developed countries.

Save the Children

Save the Children was founded in 1919 in the United Kingdom. Its mission was to improve a child’s life through education, economic opportunities, and healthcare. The foundation also provides emergency aid during natural disasters, conflicts, and war. Whether it is providing shelter after a natural disaster or delivering food to war-torn countries, Save the Children arrives within 72 hours and stays until the need is addressed. Ongoing programs such as summer reading and economic development are part of the services the foundation provides to improve the lives of children worldwide.

Save the Children’s Global Programs include:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Abuse Intervention
  • Hunger
  • Emergency Services

Climate change and conflict underscore the needs of the world’s children.

Save the Children is partnering with other organizations to support the summer’s 100 days of Reading program. The program is designed to deliver books, school supplies, and healthy food to children in the U.S. The foundation is also addressing educational barriers that impact children during the summer months with a partnership with Kinder.

Rotary Network Causes

The Rotary Network is a collection of business-minded clubs that work together to improve the world. Whether it is fighting disease or protecting the environment, Rotarian foundations provide resources to help. Their initiatives include:

  • Extending leadership skills to prevent and mediate conflict.
  • Training leaders on how to help refugees fleeing from unsafe environments.
  • Expanding access to low-cost healthcare and education to stop the spread of life-threatening diseases.
  • Working with local community leaders and educators to provide long-term solutions for clean water and sanitation.
  • Supporting local projects to increase economic and community development.
  • Expanding quality care to children to prevent malnutrition and inadequate healthcare.
  • Providing support for basic education and literacy.

The network also works to protect the environment and improve working conditions around the world. It draws on an extensive network of professionals with experience in leadership and service positions.

How You Can Help

Customers can donate to these charities or any charity of their choice by indicating the charity and donation amount on the return paperwork. Simple Refining will forward the designated amount to the charity once the valuation has been approved.